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Non-Executive Directors Group

Bringing on an experienced individual with a fresh perspective can have an immediate impact on your business, particularly if they bring the right connections. At Glenville Walker Consulting, we have access to hundreds of knowledgeable, capable people that have been where you are now and they might not cost quite as much as you think.

In addition and in conjunction with The Alternative Board, Glenville Walker Consulting run a Directors Group, which act’s as your ‘Fifth Board Member’ to give you access to skills that you may otherwise not be able to afford, and to help provide all the key advises required for your business. Our sole objective is to provide a more comprehensive business support structure for clients that want to receive it.

The Alternative Board (TAB), is all about bringing business owners and leaders together into groups so that they can share wisdom and experience through Business Coaching, to both support and positively impact their organisations not only through periods of growth but also when they experience operational pitfalls. The main aim is to help members achieve their personal and business goals, and give them the tools they need to achieve that.

At Glenville Walker Consulting we run regular complimentary Taster session’s that allow you to test drive the platform, and experience the benefits live from within the Directors Group. These active session’s encourage great collaboration across varying sectors in the North West, combining a refreshing approach to joined up business decisions driven by you. All willing participants are welcome!

For further information please contact Hazel Walker, CEO on 0151 305 9654 to see how the team at Glenville Walker Consulting and TAB can help your Business.