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Corporate Insurance Broking

For corporate risk assessment and insurance broking services, our principal contacts bring nearly 60 years practical experience dealing with larger and more complicated business risks, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, professions, waste, mechanical/electrical/civil and sprinkler engineering risks, all in the North West.

They are Chartered Insurance Brokers, an accolade only awarded to elite insurance brokers who comply with stringent qualifying criteria, meaning you can be confident you will receive great service.

Where large and complicated covers have been in place for a long time, inevitably relationships can change, and there are two ways of recruiting the best replacement.

The worst is an ‘auction’ involving more than one broker. Each broker will say the involvement of another broker blocks markets to them, so the process is unfair to you and to them, as the best broker might be blocked from the best cover for you – it’s also stressful and generally shows insurance salesmen in their worst light!

Our partner’s arrangement is quite different, and allows you to match the best brokers with the best cover; all professionally conducted and uncoupled from the stress of the renewal process. We see it as the type of audit process that might be completed as part of a wider Due Diligence process; quite unlike the re-pricing exercise above; discrete, uncoupled from renewal and a great way of discovering shortcomings in cover that might have built up over time.

Finally, to have influence with underwriters brokers must have scale. Our partner is local and personal, and part of a group of just 15 companies placing approx. £500m in premiums – so a lot of influence.

For further information please contact Hazel Walker, CEO on 0151 305 9654 to see how the team at Glenville Walker Consulting can help your Business.