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Banking Reviews

There’s now more financing options than ever and whilst Individual Bankers do tend to have their clients’ interests at heart sometimes your own Banks’ internal policies and procedures may mean that they don’t like your sector or have totally risk adverse parameters. Consequently, you may find they are more of a stumbling block than a helping hand. To match your true requirements with what’s available takes experience and, at Glenville Walker Consulting, we work with very senior former bankers who know their markets inside out.

In line with the Glenville Walker Consulting philosophy of clients’ needs first we provide a no obligation initial meeting. However, unlike many we don’t say the first hour is free – we genuinely want to see how and where we can help and the initial research and meeting may take longer, but you will not be charged.

It is important for your Business to ensure that: –

  • The Structure of your Facilities are correct
  • The Suitability of your Banking is appropriate
  • The Security being provided is both necessary in quantum and value
  • The Pricing is commensurate with the risk

We will also guide and make recommendations on renegotiation/re-banking if appropriate, however we do not class ourselves as “Brokers” and will not “tout” your requirements around every single lender. We have good relationships with the Banks and when we suggest a Bank we do so in the knowledge that what goes forward from Glenville Walker Consulting will match that Bank’s sector and risk appetite. Equally because it emanates via us we expect the Bank will give the proposal proper due and full consideration.

In addition, we will assist with other members of the Glenville Walker Consultancy team to resolve: –

  • Dispute resolution – covering
  • Directors Personal Guarantees
  • Inappropriate lending
  • High Risk/Recovery Situations
  • Interest rate derivative miss-selling

Click here to check out the profiles of both Alistair Howard and Simon Robb. Contact Hazel Walker, CEO on 0151 305 9654 to see how the team at Glenville Walker Consulting can help your Business.