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Property Finance

Putting You in Control

The Property Finance sector is constantly changing and is more regulated than ever. With these regulations only likely to increase further, dealing with lenders is becoming increasingly difficult, whether it be sourcing finance, providing detailed financial information to enable lenders to monitor and review existing facilities, testing and certifying covenants or just understanding the jargon used in the property finance industry.

In the current financial climate, with banks having to constantly manage and review sector exposure and capital ratios, each lender has its own agenda in relation to its lending policies within the various property sub-sectors. This makes it more difficult than ever to source suitable funding.

Accessing the right type of finance at the right time and on the right terms – and maintaining this over the longer term – requires knowledge, skill, creativity, effort and planning. This is where our consultants can help.
With their extensive ‘inside knowledge’ and practical experience borne out of many years spent working for the Property Finance department of a High Street bank, which makes our consultants a valuable resource for any property investor and developer.

Our specialist’s focus on making borrowing easier for borrowers and lending easier for lenders. They put the borrower in control, ensuring they have a full understanding of the facilities granted by the lender, whilst ensuring the ongoing requirements of the lender are met.

Our advisors are not just a Finance Broker, they are Property Finance Consultants. They have the experience to manage the finance process from beginning to end whilst at the same time structuring the funding request in the best way to suit you, the borrower, and then find the lender best equipped to support you. By taking ownership over the management of the transaction through to completion and beyond, dealing with all other professionals involved in the transaction they can ensure that any “bumps in the road” are confronted and dealt with quickly and professionally. Post-completion, where appropriate, our specialists take responsibility of the Management Information and Covenant obligations of the borrower, throughout the lifespan of the facility to ensure compliance of the lender’s terms, whilst providing an early notification of any potential warning signs, long before the lender is aware, giving us the opportunity to “right any wrongs”.

A complete suite of client centric services can be offered by our team of specialists:

• Property Finance
• Transaction Management
• Lending and Security Review
• Property Schedule / Covenant Certification
• Exit Strategy
• Property Sourcing / Disposal
• Supporting Borrowers; Helping you maintain access to finance on the right terms
• Problems with Lenders
• Residential / Commercial Development Viability
• Residential / Commercial Development Scheme Management
• Help-To-Buy Registration
• HCA Funding

For further information please contact Hazel Walker, CEO on 0151 305 9654 to see how the team at Glenville Walker Consulting can help your Business.