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Innovation opportunities amidst the threat of Covid-19

During these unprecedented times, both businesses and individuals are rolling out innovative ideas in order to play their part in helping not only the NHS, but employers also in order to make their workplaces safe for employees when they return to work.

Since the UK went into lockdown on 23rd March 2020, we have seen businesses such as Jaguar Land Rover using their manufacturing expertise and 3D printing facilities in order to mass produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare professionals in order to assist in the national shortage. Burberry have also transformed their well-established trench coat factory into manufacturing non-surgical gowns to support the NHS.

Now more than ever, we have seen businesses come together and create solutions to problems which may have taken the UK far longer to solve outside of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are seeing a shift in some businesses, instead of carrying out their usual function they are now focusing on a different production lines which in turn, brings fresh innovative ideas which may need protection in the long term if the product is to continue long after lockdown has been lifted. In order to manufacture and bring ideas to life, licences may need to be agreed which before the lockdown may have been difficult to negotiate instead we are now seeing a shift in negotiation etiquette, there is a friendlier approach to negotiating in order to adapt to the changes within many industries. With Covid-19 effecting the economy on such a large scale, companies are appearing to be open to holding discussions which before lockdown may not have been on either parties’ radar.

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